Choreographies of Labo(u)r (2020)

As part of the research project ‘Renegotiations in Self-Determination: Being In-Between’ with Seulbi Kim

Installation View: 5-Channel Video / Steel Frame / Swivel Chairs
(undocumented) Filipino Hairdresser Session I: 5-Channel Video / Selected Stills / Duration: 11’ 8”
(undocumented) Construction Worker Session IV: 5-Channel Video / Selected Stills / Duration: 8’ 4”

The attempt of creating artificiality: the paradox process of constructing intimacy. Finding patterns and structures in capturing the ‘Choreographies of Labo(u)r’ in the very specificity of precise actions and body movements of (undocumented) oversea workers in their field of execution. Thus creating juxtapositions of diverse acts of mechanical and soft gesticulations that can be translated into a performative act: causing a double bind — the intimate tie between behaviour and communication — in the collective minds that transpose methodologies of violence and exploitation into the actuality and climate of daily life.